The original and the best saucy tea cup

About us


Outlandish Creations focuses on slipcast tableware, from their esteemed saucy tea cups to cock salt and pepper shakers.  London based and all products hand made, it is no wonder they have such a diverse and international fan base.


We slip cast and fire our tea cups and saucers then glaze and fire them.  The decals are designed and created on A3 sheets and are added to the ceramic surface and fired again.

The mugs, tankards and plates are made of the same thin and delicate white earthenware.  They are very delicate and almost translucent.

The tea cups and saucers are made from slip cast earthenware, they are slightly thicker than the white earthenware mugs and tankards.


For new pieces as well as bespoke work with images and wording of your choice. Recent commissions include customised tea cups and saucers and porcelain drinking straws.


The quality of the ceramic is absolutely beautiful and every piece is handmade with great care with individual expertise.